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Yılmaz K Series

K Series gearboxes are bevel gearboxes with monoblock housing. They are intended for applications requiring higher efficiency and strength. Their input and output shafts are perpendicular to each other. K Series gearboxes combine the advantages of the E Series’ mounting options with the monoblock housing, higher efficiency and higher torque capabilities of the M series. They offer flexible connection options (IEC B5 or B14, direct or solid input shaft mounting). Bevel gearboxes can have a maximum of three stages in a single housing. Larger sizes are available only with three stages in a monoblock housing. A higher number of transmission ratios (up to six) can be implemented through the use of additional housings.


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Lifting Gear-V Series Gearboxes

YILMAZ REDÜKTÖR V series gear units are helical geared, three-stage crane drum drive gearboxes produced according to monobloc body principle. Thanks to the monoblock body structure, the axes of the body are processed in one operation and high manufacturing precision is provided. Bolt connection in V series gearboxes is made directly from the ears on the body. Does not require long studs or bolts. This makes the connection more rigid. The input and output axes are kept as open as possible. It is aimed to be able to use large diameter drums for high rope life. The output shaft of V series gear units is long and the body width is wide. The radial load carrying capacity of the gear unit is increased by the use of high bearing length and tapered roller bearings. Thanks to the large gears used in the gearbox, higher ISO / FEM grades can be met in a smaller volume. GG20 - GG22 cast iron body and high quality grinded and hardened cementation steel gears can be manufactured under quality control system. The output shafts are produced according to DIN 5480 as multi-wedge in different sizes. It can be used with double or single speed, brake motors according to customer request. V series gearboxes with five housing sizes can be used for tonnages in the range of 0.5 - 50

Features and Benefits

Monoblock body design,
5 different sizes,
Wide speed range,
0.5 - 50 tonnage range,
Can be used with double or single speed, brake motors,
Output shaft in different dimensions according to DIN 5480,
GG20 - GG22 cast iron body,
Possibility to connect the electrical panel directly to the reducer,
Sector-specific connection type,
Ability to use in different mounting positions.

Additional Solutions and Accessories
Drum connection flange,
Special felt solutions,
Transparent oil level indicator,
Electromagnetic brakes with different properties,
Manual lever brake.

VR..1K Series

Gearbox group with motor, multi-wedge shaft output, rear brake

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Gearbox for Walking

K series gear units are helical bevel gear units with known YILMAZ REDUKTOR quality monoblock body. It is designed for the places where the angle between input and output shafts should be 90 °, where high efficiency and strength are required. or with torque arm. It is produced as hollow shaft, output shaft, clamping ring, output flange or without flange.

Features and Advantages

Monoblock body design,
Offering 2 and 3 stage gearboxes in the same housing with wide bond ratio and high torque values,
Up to 6 step reduction increase option,
Possibility to connect standard IEC B5 and B14 motors,
Selecting with electromagnetic motors,
Use of high life bearing,
GG20 and GGG40 cast iron body material,
Hardened and ground gears between 58-62HrC.

Additional Solutions and Accessories
Optional shaft and flange specifications,
Special connection flanges for servomotors,
Electromagnetic brake (24V / 220V / 380V) behind the motor,
Mechanical lock application,
Solutions with 500-1024 pulse encoders,
Independent fan application for motors in frequency inverter applications

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Rope Drum

Dewinch brand wire rope drums are made in our lathe workplace.

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Frequency Inverter

Mitsubishi Frequency Inverter - FR-D 700

We usually use Mitsubishi inverters for our cranes.The development of the new FR-D700 frequency inverter focused on simple and reliable operation of the device, compact design as well as improving performance characteristics. A drive has been created that sets new standards in the compact drives market.

Improved functions and device features such as spring-cage terminal blocks, integrated LED display with digital adjustment pot, improved performance at low speeds and integrated emergency stop function make the FR-D700 the new standard in the ultra-compact class.

The FR-D700 is particularly user-friendly, making it particularly advantageous in standard applications. It is the right solution for both simple and more complex applications. Feed and conveyor belt drives, machining machines or revolving door and gate drives can be counted as common applications.


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Motor and Magnetic Brake

 Headquartered in Dudullu, Istanbul, GAMAK manufactures a wide range of induction electric motors with induction electric motors from IEC 56 to 450. By designing and manufacturing the latest IEC 450 construction size, it has been able to manufacture from 0.06 kW to 1250 kW in low voltage series.

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Dewinch Hooks designed by professional people and we manufacture in ISO Standarts.

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Closed Busbar

E-Line TB Series Trolley Busbar Trunking System is designed to energize moving machines. The busbar trolley of the busbar is mechanically connected to the moving systems and moves together with the machine to ensure uninterrupted energy transfer.

TB Trolley Busbar Features:

Current ratings of 35A / 63A / 80A / 100A / 125A / 160A / 200A / 250A
Standard 4 or 7 conductors optional 3, 5, 6 conductors
Solid copper conductors
PVC housing
4m standard length


The VAHLE conductor system KBH is a contact-protected system (IP23) for indoor and outdoor installations. The plastic housing can accommodate different copper cross sections for nominal currents of 63 - 200 A. The ball-bearing mounted collectors are led in the housing. Special sections enable quick and easy replacement of defective sections.


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Remote Controller


Crane Control; Hand pilots are very light thanks to their ergonomic design (352 gr.) In addition, they are designed and manufactured to be easily grasped by hand.

Our products;

- RC 206 model, 6 buttons, single stage,
- RC 212 model, 6 buttons, double stage,
- RC 306 model, with 0-1 selector switch, 6 buttons, single stage,
- RC 312 model, with 0-1 selector switch, 6 buttons, double stage,
- RC 406 model, with 1-0-2 selector switch, 6 buttons, single stage,
- RC 412 model, with 1-0-2 selector switch, 6 buttons, double stage,

Produced as 6 kinds.

Crane Types;

RC 206 - RC 212 product; used in cranes, single bridge, single carriage and single hook cranes.
RC 306 - RC 312 product; used in cranes, single bridge, single car, double hook cranes.
RC 406 - RC 412 product; as crane, single bridge, double trolley cranes are used.

Security Priority; It responds to signals from its own transmitter, with more than about 17 kentrillion ID codes and 128 bit-based code structure. This structure is not affected by other systems in the environment.
Energy-saving; With the unique design of Elfatek Elektronik, the system consumes energy as long as the button of the transmitter is pressed.
Protection and Durability; The plastic body of the remote control is made of ABS plastic, is protected against oil, dust and water ingress and its protection class is IP65.

Spare part; As all of the products are designed and manufactured by Elfatek Elektronik, spare parts are available in stock.

Repair and maintenance; Devices that come to the service for repair and maintenance are shipped within 1 business day.

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MOELLER TÜRKİYE - Schneider Electric

 Low-Voltage Power Distribution and Automation issues, one of the leading international manufacturers in the world Moeller 'organization in Turkey within Moeller Electric Trading Ltd. Has started its activities on 09 January 1998. Directorate General in Istanbul is located Moeller Electric, across Turkey, Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Konya, Adana, Gaziantep and Antalya is represented by regional offices.
Moeller Electric, a total of 41 Authorized Reseller in Turkey across 18 different provinces, 15 xEnergy Board Partner, Stand 13 Automation and serve end users with system integrator.

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Anadolu Magnetic Brake

Anadolu Magnetic Brakes

Places of Use

Safety and safety of braking of horizontal and vertical rotation of machines and electric motors in various industries such as electric motors, reducers, hoists, conveyors, cranes, machine tools, food, textile, chemical, automotive, plastic, packaging, soil, wood and construction industries. safely used.

Technical specifications

220 volt, 50 Hz OC electric current can be used to brake all kinds of rotating movement, spring-pressed electromagnetic magnetic brakes. The magnetic field disappears when the current flowing through the coil is interrupted. Provides braking of rotational movement as a result of compression of spring pressure and lining.

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ABB Motor

ABB provides two synchronous reluctance motor series: High-output and IE4 synchronous reluctance motors. The High output motors are best suited for applications requiring a high power to size ratio and extend from frame size 90 to 315, or 1.1 to 350 kW, with a minimum efficiency level of IE2

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SEW Gearbox

SEW gearmotor modular system is oriented towards the diversity of your application areas. Choose your ideal drive from standard, electrified monorail, adjustable, servo, stainless steel or explosion-proof gearmotors.

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Pepperl Fuchs Sensors

Inductive proximity sensors are the preferred choice for the majority of applications requiring accurate, non-contact detection of metallic objects in machinery or automation equipment. As a pioneer and market leader, Pepperl+Fuchs offers innovative, high quality inductive sensors to meet the needs of the worldwide automation and process control markets. Our experience, flexibility and customer focus continues to allow us to offer custom designed solutions for the most unique and demanding applications. 

We provide the following products of Pepperl Fuchs. Industrial Sensors Proximity Sensors,Photoelectric Sensors,Industrial Vision,Ultrasonic Sensors,Rotary Encoders,Positioning Systems,Inclination and Acceleration Sensors,Industrial Communication,Identification Systems,Displays and Signal Processing,Connectivity,Accessories,Software

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