Jib Crane

Jib Crane for small loads. 

Jib Crane

They are jib crane systems which are manufactured especially for the use of only one or several machines at short distances. Jib cranes can be mounted directly on the wall or on the floor by means of a foot.

Standard production of jib cranes up to a maximum capacity of 5 tons / 4 meters is available and special design and manufacturing can be made. Wall mounted jib cranes are mounted on the wall by means of studs or by studs attached to the rotary mechanism of the jib arm. These systems are capable of rotating maximum 270 degrees. Rotation can be done manually or by electric motor.

Footed jib cranes can be mounted directly on the floor or at the bottom of a column. In these systems, which have the ability to rotate up to 360 degrees, the rotation movement can also be provided by manual or electric motor.

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