Wire Rope Hoist

Wire Rope Hoist 

Wire Rope Hoist

Double girder bridge crane or gantry cranes used in cranes are trolleys. Today, we can see almost every factory in the crane with trolleys has become an indispensable part of the industrial world. tonnage to 150 tonnes capacity of the standard production truck cranes are capable of moving in 6 axes. Process cranes with special designs are also available upon request. According to the usage places, capacities and properties, they can be produced up to FEM 3m class and there are PLANET, HORIZONTAL and DOUBLE HOOK series.


Max. The lifting gearboxes of this series with a capacity of up to 25 tons are plan. FEM is available up to 2m class. These systems, which provide ease of use and installation in areas where lifting height is important and where low roof heights are important, are commonly used in machinery manufacturing and iron and steel industry. This series can be max. They occupy a height of 450 mm, reducing the distance the crane will use. In these systems, the lifting gear is mounted in the drum.


Horizontal series, which is produced in desired tonnages starting from minimum 10 tons capacity, is used in systems with 7/24 employees especially when heavy conditions are present. Horizontal series of iron and steel, rolling mill, shipyard, foundry and so on. Horizontal series, which provides ease of use in heavy working environments, are equipped with high quality mechanical equipment. Horizontal series, in which refrigerants are also coupled to the system when necessary, eliminates time losses due to failure.


Crane systems operating under heavy conditions are auxiliary hook systems which are used for lifting the low tonnage loads in series. In these systems, auxiliary hooks can be used for lifting light loads alone or working synchronously with the main hook (eg in foundries) for lifting or turning the load together. Generally, in most of the high capacity cranes, small capacity auxiliary hooks are preferred for the purpose of increasing the series or for different purposes.


Monorail Hoists ( Single Girder Overhead Crane )

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