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Monorail Crane 

Single Girder Overhead Crane

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Monorail Crane

Monorail cranes are known as hanging type which can work on vertical and horizontal axes on I beam or single girder bridge cranes. They can work on 4 or 6 axes.

Max. Monorail cranes with a capacity of up to 20 tons are the monorail model of the planetary series. FEM is produced as standard up to 2m class.

It can be equipped with 1/1, ½, ¼, or 1/6 rope. They are preferred in small tonnage systems with their series.

Standard monorail cranes

They can be operated under simple I profiles in almost any factory or as a group of machines in single girder overhead cranes. These models, which move generally in series, are frequently preferred in narrow spaces which are not suitable for the installation and operation of overhead cranes.

Planetary model gearboxes are the lifting group of the system. It can be designed according to the features and conditions of the place to be used and the works to be done.

Cranes monorail

If the area where the crane is to be installed is to change axis in horizontal position and it is not suitable for the installation and use of mobile cranes, monorail cranes with curved carriage operating on curved I profiles can be used in these places. The rotation circle of the carrier I powder must have a radius of at least 1500 mm. There are two carriage groups in this system. Depending on the drum height depending on the lifting height, both carriage assemblies can be fitted with gear units. One of the carriage group is a fixed joint and the other is a rotary joint carriage with axial bearing. Here, the swivel joint carriage allows the crane to rotate easily at the corners.

Low ceiling monorail cranes

It is used in monorail systems where lifting height is important. The drum is mounted on the side of the carriage assembly, whereby the counterweight can be weighed on the other side. With these systems, it can be gained with lifting height up to 500 mm compared to standard monorail cranes.

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