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Closed Busbar


E-Line TB Series Trolley Busbar Trunking System is designed to energize moving machines. The busbar trolley of the busbar is mechanically connected to the moving systems and moves together with the machine to ensure uninterrupted energy transfer.

TB Trolley Busbar Features:

Current ratings of 35A / 63A / 80A / 100A / 125A / 160A / 200A / 250A
Standard 4 or 7 conductors optional 3, 5, 6 conductors
Solid copper conductors
PVC housing
4m standard length


The VAHLE conductor system KBH is a contact-protected system (IP23) for indoor and outdoor installations. The plastic housing can accommodate different copper cross sections for nominal currents of 63 - 200 A. The ball-bearing mounted collectors are led in the housing. Special sections enable quick and easy replacement of defective sections.


Closed Busbar
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