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Lifting Gear-V Series Gearboxes


YILMAZ REDÜKTÖR V series gear units are helical geared, three-stage crane drum drive gearboxes produced according to monobloc body principle. Thanks to the monoblock body structure, the axes of the body are processed in one operation and high manufacturing precision is provided. Bolt connection in V series gearboxes is made directly from the ears on the body. Does not require long studs or bolts. This makes the connection more rigid. The input and output axes are kept as open as possible. It is aimed to be able to use large diameter drums for high rope life. The output shaft of V series gear units is long and the body width is wide. The radial load carrying capacity of the gear unit is increased by the use of high bearing length and tapered roller bearings. Thanks to the large gears used in the gearbox, higher ISO / FEM grades can be met in a smaller volume. GG20 - GG22 cast iron body and high quality grinded and hardened cementation steel gears can be manufactured under quality control system. The output shafts are produced according to DIN 5480 as multi-wedge in different sizes. It can be used with double or single speed, brake motors according to customer request. V series gearboxes with five housing sizes can be used for tonnages in the range of 0.5 - 50

Features and Benefits

Monoblock body design,
5 different sizes,
Wide speed range,
0.5 - 50 tonnage range,
Can be used with double or single speed, brake motors,
Output shaft in different dimensions according to DIN 5480,
GG20 - GG22 cast iron body,
Possibility to connect the electrical panel directly to the reducer,
Sector-specific connection type,
Ability to use in different mounting positions.

Additional Solutions and Accessories
Drum connection flange,
Special felt solutions,
Transparent oil level indicator,
Electromagnetic brakes with different properties,
Manual lever brake.

VR..1K Series

Gearbox group with motor, multi-wedge shaft output, rear brake

Lifting Gear-V Series Gearboxes
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