Overhead Crane

Double Girder Overhead Crane


Double girder cranes are more suitable for closed spaces ... When the poles are placed in the open field, they occupy space and prevent comfortable working.

Generally used in closed areas, ceiling cranes are the most used in today's crane systems. Overhead cranes which can be double or single girder can be steel box construction or can be made from I profiles where the axle spacing is narrower.

Bridge beams according to DIN 15018 standard max. It is designed to give maximum 1/1000 deflection under load and is manufactured from St37 material. Bridge main welds are welded by submerged arc welding robots. Box construction bridge beams are reinforced at breaks and side sheets with angle brackets at 600 mm intervals. After being painted with industrial or epoxy paint according to the desired color, it is delivered to the customer at the place of use. They can be controlled by wired control, remote control or operator cabinets fixed to the bridge or moving by crane trolley.

They can be manufactured as single or double girder according to customer request. Single girder bridge cranes can be made from only one I profile or can be made of steel box construction. In addition, it can be used in constructions manufactured with I profile welded under the box construction.

Double Girder Overhead Crane
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